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What Is Canadian Flagpole?

Flag Poling Is The Term Given To When A Person Already In Canada Leaves And Returns Without Crossing Into The USA, In Order To Activate A New Permanent Resident Status, Or Be Granted A Renewed Study Or Work Permit. Flag Poling Is A Term That Describes The Process Of Existing Canada And Being Refused To Enter The USA And Re- Entering Canada To Validate Your New Immigration Status In Canada. For Most Individuals Who Are Eligible To Flagpole It Is The Preferred Method To Validate Study Permits, Work Permits And Permanent Residency. This Is Because Flag Poling Is A Lot Quicker Than Trying To Schedule A Landing Interview In Canada. It Will Typically Take The Border Officer 30 Minutes To Process Your Application, Whereas It Can Take Citizenship And Immigration (CIC) Weeks Or Months To Organise An Interview In Order To Do This Process You Can Consider The Following Key Points Prior Going To The Border:

  • Your Current Status In Canada Is Impending To Expire.
  • You Have A Valid Immigration Status In Canada And In Us (Tourist Visa, Or Exempted From Obtaining A Visa)
  • You Have No Other Issues Preventing You From Obtaining The Visas Such As Criminality Or Any Sorts Of Medical Concerns.


Why Is The Canada Border Services Agency Trying To Limit The Canada Border Flag Poling?

The CBSA Is Trying To Limit The Process Known As Flag Poling As It Can Take Place At Certain Border Points In Southern Ontario And Quebec. The Busier Crossing Points Now Only Allow Flag Poling From Tuesday To Thursday.

 While The Flagpole Process May Seem To Be Simple From The Client’s Perspective Whereas, This Process Takes Time And Resources Away From Their Primary Duty Of Border Security And Officers Are Overloaded With These Tasks In Addition To The High-Volume Traffic During The Peak Hours. In Ontario, The Most Frequent Border People Choose For This Purpose Is In The Niagara Region, Since It Has Three Border Entries- Queenston- Lewiston, Rainbow And Peace Bridges. As A Rule, Was Passed During The Year 2017 In Order To Alleviate The Pressure On Officers During The Peak Travel Periods, These Border Services Will Only Process Issuing Any Permits On Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday. If The Applicant Doesn’t Show Early Enough On These Three Days, It May Be The Case That They Might Not Serve You On That Day. For Instance, If You Show Up At 2;00 Pm, It Is Possible That You Will Not Be Served On That Day And They Will Ask You To Come Back Another Tuesday, Wednesday Or Thursday.

As A Result, We Recommend Clients To Go Early In The Morning – Be Able To Get There By 8 A.M. Preferably.


In Order To Avoid Going To The Border, You May Opt For Any Of The Two Following Options:

1.You May File Your Temporary Visas By Online Or By Paper Application

2.You May Set Up An Appointment To “Land” Or Become A Permanent Resident In Your Local Immigration Office, You Can Call 1-888-242-2100. However, If Your Permanent Resident Visa Has A Short Timeframe To Expire Or Your Current Temporary Visa Is About To Expire, Then You May Not Be Able To Wait For Your Appointment, Which Are Usually Set Within 2-3 Weeks From Your Request.



Documents Required For The Flagpole:

  • Your Passport, Travel Or Identity Document (Including Your Visa Sticker, If You Have One)
  • Your Proof Of Legal Status In Canada, Such As A Valid Study Permit, Work Permit, Temporary Resident Permit Or Any Immigration Document
  • Your Confirmation Of Permanent Residence, Permanent Resident Visa, Letter Of Introduction Or Any Instructions From The Canadian Visa Office
  • Existing Study/ Work Permit
  • Proof Of Implied Status (If You Applied To Extend Your Stay Before It Ended). Proof Of This Status May Include:
  • Payment Receipt
  • Copy Of Your Application To Extend Your Stay
  • Printout Of Online Application Or
  • Proof Of Mailing


Who Can Flagpole?

Flag Poling Is Mainly Used By The Study Or Work Permit Holders Looking To Renew Their Permits. They Take Al Their Documentations To A U.S. Border Point And Can Be Processed In Minutes At The Border. It Is Also Used By The Temporary Residents Of Canada Who Wish To Validate Permanent Resident Status. It Is A Cheap And Quick Alternative To Waiting Months For An Appointment As An Ircc Office.

The Following Can Flagpole:

  1. Residents Of Visa Required Countries Already In Possession Of A Study Or Work Permit (Flag Poling For The Purposes Of Renewal.)
  2. Residents Of The U.S., St. Pierre And Miquelon And Greenland
  3. Residents Of Visa – Exempt Countries With An LMIA- Exempt Job
  4. Residents Of Visa-Exempt Countries In Possession Of A Positive LMIA.


How To Plan Out Your Flag Poling?

  1. You Must Decide The Border Where You Wish To Go To.
  2. You Must Plan To Be There By 8-9 A.M. In The Morning With All The Required Documents. In The Case Of Any Complicated Matters, Temporary Resident Permit, Intra- Company Work Permit, Etc.- For Border Officers To Consider Merits And To Grant The Visas You Must Be Ready To Speak About Your Request In An Orderly Manner.
  3. You Should Plan The Trip For The Whole Day, If Your Processing Time Doesn’t Take That Long Then It Is Great But If You Plan For The Day It Will Give You A Relaxed Attitude And You Will Have No Hustle Whilst The Process.
  4. You Must Have The Right To Enter The Us
  5. You Must Have The Valid Immigration Status In Order To Re-Enter The Country.


What Are The Disadvantages?

This Process Is Fast Once You Arrive At The Border, You Still Need To Get There And Wait In The Line. If You Live Near The Border And Own A Car, This Is Easy, But Otherwise There Can Be Time And Expense Involved. However, It Will Still Be Quicker Then Applying To The Ircc.

It Is Advisable To Plan A Trip To The U.S. As A Part Of The Flag Poling Process. If You Choose To Flagpole Without Visiting The USA, You Will Be Formally Denied Entry. While This Is Okay With The One-Time Process, It Will Complicate The Situation Every Time You Enter The USA In Future As You Will Always Be Asked If You Have Ever Been Denied Entry. By Planning A Day Trip, This Can Be Prevented.


Trouble or Thinking of Prepping for Flagpole – Contact Us:

If you are looking to Flagpole, contact us as there are many ways you need to learn, such as Interviews, Documents, List Of Questions Officer Will Ask, Officer’s Drills to See If You Qualify to Enter in Canada and/or Eligibility. If you don’t get approval they can refuse you and give you bonded time to leave the country and charge you for refusal fees too. Even if you are with a Consultant and not getting the right advice/interview preps, Give us a call so we can help you. 


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