Niagara College IDP

Posted by in CIC News, on February 19, 2019

Niagara college has contacted over 400 students that had offer letters for January 2019 and advised them to undergo a second English test or they will lose the offer. This was done due to the inconsistencies found at that college for students that belonged to the same area in India. Niagara College found that the majority of students who had taken their IELTS test at locations run by Australia-based IDP Education were doing poorly in their academic career due to low proficiency in English. Niagara college will be taking on the responsibility for covering the cost of retesting for the 428 students in India. This will ensure that the students have been graded accurately and will determine if their offer letter will be intact or dismissed. It is important to ensure that yoaur language skills go beyond the IELTS test. It is important to study for the test and do well but not just for the test, it is also important to remain consistent with your English skills and constantly keep learning. Continue to study and practice all the modules of the English test even after writing the rest. This will help you succeed academically and socially once you have started your journey in Canada.

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