Immigration Categories

Family Class Sponsorship Program

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  1. Spousal sponsorship

    This Category Is Specifically For Married Couples, Common-Law Partners And Conjugal Partners (Including Same-Sex Relationships) Where One Spouse Is Already A Permanent Resident Or Citizen Of Canada.

  2. Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship

    Canadian Citizens Or Permanent Resident( For At Least 3 Years) Can Sponsor Their Parents Or Grandparents To Become Permanent Resident.( First Cum First Serve Basis, Applications Open In January)

  3. Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

    Canadian Citizens Or Permanent Resident  Can Also Sponsor Their Parents And Grand-Parents To Visit Canada For Up To 2 Years At A Time With Super Visa.

  4. Dependent Child Sponsorship and Other Sponsorship

    Canadian Citizens Or Permanent Residents May Sponsor Their Dependent Children For Permanent Residency Or Other Orphaned Family Members.

Express Entry

Candidates Provide Information Regarding Their Work Experience, Language Proficiency, Education, And Other Personal Information And Will Awarded Points For That. Authorities Decide The Minimum CRS Score For Every Draw. If You Become Eligible For Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Or The Canadian Experience Class Program, An Invitation To Apply For Permanent Residency Will Be Sent.

Canadian Experience Class Program Is Considered Best For Transition In Regards To International Student From Work Permit To Permanent Residency. Work Experience Is Required For This Category.

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Work Permit

A Work Permit Allows You To Come And Work In Canada.  If You Are From A Foreign Country. You Usually Need A Work Permit To Work In Canada. For Work Permit, Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) From Employment And Social Development Canada; Or

Proof That An Employer Has Submitted An Offer Of Employment Through The Employer Portal And Paid The Employer Compliance Fee  Is Necessary.

Open Work Permits Is A Not Job-Specific Category And May Be Applied For By:

  • The Spouses Or Common-Law Partners Of Foreign Temporary Workers;
  • The Spouses Or Common-Law Partners Of Foreign Students;
  • International Students Who Have Graduated From A Canadian Post-Secondary Institution.

To Be Eligible For An Open Work Permit, Graduating International Students Must Meet The Requirements Under The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

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Provincial Nomination Program

This Program Is For Workers Who Have The Skills, Education And Work Experience To Contribute To The Economy Of A Specific Province Or Territory, Want To Live In That Province, And Want To Become Permanent Residents Of Canada

Each Province Has Its Own “Streams” (Immigration Programs That Target Certain Groups) And Requirements. You Can Apply To The Province Or Territory For Nomination Under A Express Entry Or Non-Express Entry Stream.

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Study permit

The Study Permit Is A Document We Issue That Allows Foreign Nationals To Study At Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) In Canada. Most Foreign Nationals Need A Study Permit To Study In Canada. You Can Study In Canada If You Are Enrolled At A Designated Learning Institution (DLI), Show Proof That You Have Enough Money To Pay For Your Expenses & Tuition, And Can Convince  Immigration Officer That You Will Leave Canada At The End Of Your Studies. Graduating International Students  Can Apply For Post-Graduation Work Permit, If The Educational Institute Is Authorized By Canadian Government.

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