New Immigration Pilot Program will offer Residency to Migrant Farm Workers in Canada

Posted by in CIC News, on January 16, 2020

Another multi year migration analyze that will give migrant workers a way to permanent residency in Canada is getting an approval from industry.

Throughout the most recent quite a while, businesses, for example, meat cutting and handling and mushroom cultivating have depended on occasional impermanent outside specialists because of work deficiencies, even through the work isn’t regular.

Another test case program declared, expects to draw in and hold migrant workers by allowing them a chance to become permanent residents.

Temporary Foreign Farm Workers who are qualified for this new test case program will have the option to apply for permanent residency following a year and, in the event that they’re approved, will likewise be permitted to carry their families to Canada.

The Vice President of the Canadian Mushroom Growers Association said he is satisfied to see the central government ready to adjust its movement strategies to profit certain farming methods.

We’re dividing agricultural laborers dependent on which businesses are more deserving than others, noticing migrant workers who have previously working in Canada in meat generation or mushroom plants will have simpler access to this program than natural product or vegetable-ranch laborers.

A limit of 2,750 head candidates, in addition to relatives, will be acknowledged for preparing every year during the three-year test case program. Applications are to be acknowledged start in 2020.


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