Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Coming Soon

Posted by in CIC News, on February 14, 2019

Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen announces that the federal government is launching a Pilot Program in order to increase immigration in rural and northern communities. Usually what happens is that immigrants come and settle in bigger cities which leaves the smaller towns and communities at a disadvantage. Smaller communities don’t get to attract new talent and are left with labour shortages and gaps. Therefore, the government is launching a new Pilot Program where the rural and northern communities that want to be part of the program will need to prove that they are able to welcome and help newcomers integrate. This will include helping with language barriers and having employment set in place. The new program is welcoming approximately 100 newcomers and their family members per community. Interested communities have until March 1, 2019 to submit a complete application. Selected communities will be announced in Spring 2019. Once the selected communities are announced we will be taking clients based on first come first serve basis. So keep an eye out to see if your community qualifies!

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16 comments on “Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Coming Soon”

  1. by Maria Cecilia Igot on

    Im an international student now her in Toronto. Do i qualify for this pilot program for my PGWP? What could be the possible process?Please let me know and help me towards my RESIDENCY.

  2. by Olounomeh stellamaris on

    I am from Nigeria and I would like to come to Canada , with my family, I am skilled , degree holder too

  3. by jugnoo pervez on

    i am good pakistani cheaf i am good kichen helper i am good wall painter i good house keeping job i need this job not good pakistani salery this salery is not pay my house rent and electric bill not continue my children study i need a job i am christian bt i respect all relagions please give me a one chance i am all rounder all helper .

  4. by Shiv Kumar on

    My age is going to be complicated 52 yrs by 2nd February 2020 I am retired from Indian Navy can i get work permit in Canada

  5. by Ambrose Igboeche Chukwuemeka on

    I’m Cook, I am Baker/Pastry. I’m a Pest controller and also I did Printing Press. I am a tribe of Igbo. We are always being kill by enemies, thus, every body looks way out to safe life.


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