Top In-demand jobs in Canada for 2021

Posted by in CIC News, on February 5, 2021

The following jobs are projected to be in high-demand throughout 2021.

  • Customer Service Representative

The need for this job has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns and restrictions. Customer service representatives deal with customers who may be emotionally distressed.

  • Driver

Drivers are essential to practically any business. With everyone staying at home because of the pandemic, drivers are becoming even more in-demand. In addition, there is an increased demand in medical supplies and protection gear. Drivers are responsible in delivering these items as well as other essential items to hospitals and stores.

  • Registered nurse

Prior to the pandemic, registered nurses were already in-demand. The pandemic only further increased the need of nurses as there are more patients who need critical care.

  • General labourer

There are currently more labourer positions available than employers are able to fill. General labourers are needed across Canada.

  • Electrical engineer

Various companies are depending more on communications systems to operate efficiently throughout the pandemic. As a consequence, electrical engineers are in high-demand, particularly those with skills other than the technical skills required, such as communication skills and writing skills.

  • Software developer

Talented workers who can code, design and build applications and websites may be able to find employment in Canada. This increase in demand comes from employees working from home, as well as the increasing popularity of e-commerce businesses.

  • Accountant

Accountants are also in high-demand. Many businesses are financially unstable as a result of the pandemic. Accountants can advise these businesses on various important issues, such as how to access funding and about financial tax breaks.

  • HR manager

HR managers have a lot on their plate to ensure businesses continue to operate during the pandemic. They develop remote work policies for employees, as well as health and safety policies. In addition, they are responsible for keeping up the morale of the employees during this difficult time.

  • Financial advisor

Many individuals are feeling less financially secure because of the pandemic. Some have lost their jobs or saw their hours reduced. Financial advisors offer support to those who may be facing difficulty in paying off their mortgage, rent or debt.

  • Tech sector jobs

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are labour shortages in the tech sector. There are provincial immigration programs in Ontario and British Columbia that are specific to tech jobs. Tech skills are especially sought after in major urban centres such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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