Temporary residents in Canada unable to depart Canada- 7th February 2021

Posted by in CIC News, on February 8, 2021

Foreign nationals who are in Canada and whose temporary resident status may soon expire can apply for an extension to maintain their temporary resident status in Canada.

  • Applicants who are unable to depart Canada due to the COVID-19 pandemic should provide an explanation as to why they need to remain in Canada with the submission of their application.
  • If an applicant is unable to depart Canada, officers should take into consideration whether international airspace has been closed and whether commercial flights to the client’s country of origin or destination are available.

As per current guidelines, applicants must apply online and must meet all requirements, including biometrics fees, as applicable. Applicants should apply in advance of their current temporary resident status expiring.


Foreign nationals whose temporary resident status has expired may apply for restoration. They must pay the associated processing and restoration fees, as applicable..

If the applicant is not eligible for restoration

The Minister’s delegate decides on a disposition for the case. The following options are available:

  • refer the case to an admissibility hearing
  • issue a departure order
  • allow the foreign national to remain in Canada

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