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Posted by in CIC News, on March 6, 2019

Today I Will Be Sharing Some Key Details Regarding The Immigrating To Canada Through The Business Stream. If You Own A Business And Have About 3 Years Of Experience In The Business World Then You Would Need A Minimum Of $1 000 000 Canadian Dollars To Invest In Ontario. If You Don’t Have Such Funds You Can Also Invest In A Different Province With Lower Investment Requirements Which Start From $150 000 Canadian Dollars. In Canada, You Are Able To Open The Same Business You Own In Your Home Country Or Buy An Existing One As Long As You Have The Knowledge And Experience. Most Importantly, Your Family Can Also Accompany You. You Can Show These Funds Through Assets Such As Home, Land And Property Which Later Have To Be Converted To A Draft When You Enter Canada. You Cannot Lend Money From Others, It Has To Be Funds That You Own Legally. If You Believe You Meet These Requirements Please Call Me And I Can Assess Your Profile.

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