3 Main Reasons To Consider Canada For Undergraduate and Graduate Program

Posted by in CIC News, on October 23, 2019

By The Year 2018, More Than 7,20,000 International Students At All Levels Studied In Canada, Marking The Largest Number Of International Students Ever, According To The Research Conducted By The Canadian Government. As Canada Is Referred To As The Most Stable, Open, Safe And The One Of The Most Welcoming Countries Of All. It Is A Place That Promotes Multiculturalism And Diversity Which Makes Sense To The Foreign Students Coming In From Far Off Lands, As Per Andy J. Semotiuk, A U.S. And Canadian Immigration Lawyer And Director Of Immigration Wrote In His Email.

Here Are The Three Main Reasons That The Prospective International Students May Want To Consider Canada For Undergraduate Or The Graduate Degree:

  • Accelerated Study Permit, Work And Residency Opportunities.
  • Scholarship Beings Offered
  • Increased International Student Recruitment

Accelerated Process Of Study Permit, Work And Residency Opportunities.

The Increase In International Student Recruitment Has Led To The Opportunities For Foreign Students To Work In Canada While They Study And Thereby Offering An Improved Chance Of Obtaining Permanent Residency. Thereby, The International Students Need A Study Permit, Which Is Different From Visa, To Study In Canada. This Is Originally Launched By The Canadian Government In 2018, The Student Direct Stream Is A Program That Allows Students From Certain Countries To Get Their Study Permit Faster.

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) Has Been Successful In Reducing The Processing Time, With Most Applications From The Initial Group Of Countries Like India, China, Philippines And Vietnam. Moreover, Canada Also Allows International Students To Work While They Study. Additionally, Post Graduation Work Permits Are Often Two Or Three Years In Duration, Depending On The Length Of Time The Student Studied In The Country.


Scholarships Can Be A Hard Nut To Crack In Several Other Countries Especially For The International Students Around The World, Particularly At The Undergraduate Level. Hence, The Prospective Student Should Be Aware That Canada Offers The Scholarships And Government Funds From The Universities.

To Elaborate A Few Examples- York Universities Awards One- Time Undergraduate Scholarships In The Range Of CA$5,000 To CA$ 15,000 To Support The International Students In Their First Year Of Study.

Increased International Student Recruitment

The Canadian Government Is Investing Nearly In 150 Million Canadian Dollars Over Five Years For Its New International Education Strategy, Which Involves Stepping Up International Student Recruitment.  It Comes To The Notice Of Canadian Government That A Large Majority Of International Students Travel From India And China And Has Pledged Nearly CA $30 Million Over The Next Five Years Alone.

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