Saskatchewan invites 858 Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand Candidates

Posted by in CIC News, on November 2, 2019

Saskatchewan Ended This October With Another Major Draw For Immigration Candidates In Its Express Entry And Occupation In- Demand Subcategories. The 858 Invitations Were Issued On October 31, Thereby A Continued Six-Week String Of Major Draws Through The Popular Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Pathways, Neither Of Which Requires A Job Offer In Saskatchewan Or Canadian Work Experience In Order To Be Considered Eligible. The SINP’s Express Entry Sub-Category Is Linked To The Federal Express Entry System, Which Manages The Pool Of Candidates For The Canada’s Three Federal High Skilled Immigration Categories- The Federal Skilled Trade Class, The Federal Skilled Worker Class And Canadian Experience.

The Occupation In-Demand Subcategory Is Open To Immigration For All Those Candidates Who Do Not Have An Express Entry Profile.

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    Iwant to be good for my seilf and my scoicuty lheard that canada is agood place to live and it is human rights country


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