Proficiency in English or French can open many doors for the immigrants to Canada

Posted by in CIC News, on November 28, 2019

It Is Commonly Stated That The Immigrants Who Are Proficient In English Or French Have Stronger Chance Of Integrating Into Canada’s Labour Force And Society.

Canada’s Immigration System Reflects This Reality With The Language Proficiency Standards For Obtaining Permanent Residence And Canadian Citizenship.

The Individuals Applying For The Express Entry Are Assigned A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score That Is Based On Human Capital Factors Such As Age, Education, Work Experience And The English Language Skills.

Under The CRS, A Candidate Without A Spouse Who Has A High Proficiency In Both English And French In All Four Language Abilities (That Is Reading, Writing, Speaking And Listening) Can Earn Up To 290 CRS Points.

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    Hello Mam… i would like seek advice on immigration… i am an indian presently in canada on tourist visa.. my contact is 6478734140


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