The New Express Entry Draw Issues 3,200 invitations to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence

Posted by in CIC News, on December 11, 2019

The New draw has been issued from the federal Express Entry pool on December 11, thereby, producing 3,200 invites in order to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence.

Subsequently, the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System Score in the December 11, 2019 invitation round was 472.

As the Express Entry System manages the pool of candidates for three of Canada’s main skilled labour immigration categories- the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class and the Canadian Experience Class. 

Hence, the candidates are ranked in the pool based on a score awarded under the CRS that considers factors such as age, skilled work experience, education and the proficiency in English or French.

Eventually, a set amount of the highest ranked candidates tends to be invited to apply for the Canadian permanent residence through regular draws from the pool. these invitations rounds take place every two weeks and the vast majority involves the candidates from all the three Express Entry – managed categories. the cut- off score is determined by the factors such as the number of candidates in the Express Entry pool, the number of ITAs issued and the time between the draws.

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13 comments on “The New Express Entry Draw Issues 3,200 invitations to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence”

  1. by Marcus K D B Paye on

    Having read the rich history of your country couple with the umatched human right records, i am so glad to be among the many wishing to migrate to this nation. I am a skilled Liberian, 29 and legally married.

    I look forward to receiving regular updates through my email.

  2. by Shamim Bukirwa on

    Hello, it has always been my dream to live and serve as a resident of Canada ever since I was little. Am a laboratory technologist,wife and mother of a one year baby so much interested in living and whole heartedly ready to serve as a resident of Canada. I will be gladly waiting to hear from you through my email about the immigration opportunity updates to Canada. Thank you.

  3. by Remalias B.B.Chindandala on

    My name is Remalias Chindandala from Angola. I am 36, legally married. I am looking for better economic opportunity for my family. Canada is the best option. I look forward to receiving further information on immigration subject.


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