A Look Ahead: For the Immigration In The Next Decade

Posted by in CIC News, on January 8, 2020

Canada Is Set To Welcome More Than 3 Million Permanent Residents In The Coming Decade.

As Stated, Population Growth Is Mandatory In Order To Stimulate The Economic Activity Which Is Mandatory To Maintain Canada’s Quality Of Life.

Thereby, If Canada Wants To Continue To Grow, Hence It Will Need To Accelerate The Level Of Newcomers From Its Target Of 350,000 In 2021 To About 400,000 Annually By The End Of The Decade.

Therefore, Canada Looks Poised To Welcome Approximately 3.5 Million Permanent Residents Over The Coming Decade, Which Will Prove To Be By Far The Highest Intake In The Country’s History. Hence, Marking An Increase Of 25% In Comparison With Some 2.8 Million Residents.

International Students Will Help Improve The Economic Outcomes Of The Newcomers

As Canada’s Millions Of People Move Towards Retirement, There Will Be A Significant Need Of New Workers. Hence, There Will Be Plenty Of Jobs Available, Hence The Canadian Born Workers And Immigrants Alike Should Benefit From These Changes.

Referred From- CIC News.

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