Municipal Nominee Program: New Program Allows Provinces to Pick Immigrants

Posted by in CIC News, on January 16, 2020

The Canadian Government released a plan for another program that will enable individual cities and towns to pick workers dependent on their local needs. The new program is known as the Municipal Nominee Program and it is intended to help fill local labour needs.

The Municipal Nominee Program will give local communities, chambers of commerce and labour councils a state in the selection of migrants which will help coordinate newcomers with work needs in their community. There will be at any rate 5,000 newcomers permitted through this program every year.

The Immigration Minister, Marco Medicino said this new pathway to permanent residency is another case of development in Canada’s migration programs, one that permits the framework “to draw on local experiences, expertise, abilities to understand where are the work deficiencies, where are the financial chances and how that information assist us with choosing people who wish to come to Canada to carry out their specialty, to fulfill their opportunity”.

Canada continuously has been searching for better approaches to bring good foreign candidates to their nation.



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    hi. this is mayuri from India. iam a physiotherapist and I have already done ielts and also received my WES report. my ielts score is listening 7.5, reading 5.5, writing 6.5, speaking 6.5. am I eligible for any programme, is there any chance of creating express entry profile with this ielts score


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