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Quebec is all set to welcome immigrants between 44500 and 47500 immigrants in 2021. This immigration plan has been released on October 29th 2020. The number coincides with IRCC’s multi year plan of immigration for 2021-2023.

The majority of admissions to Quebec for the 2021 immigration plan will be from province’s economic immigration program and the percentage for the same will be as high as 62%.

Also, for 2021, Quebec will invite immigrants between 27500 to 29300 through the economic immigration program, which includes 24200 skilled workers.

In addition to the above, the province will have 4300 admissions in its business immigration program, which includes Quebec’s Entrepreneur Program and the Self- Employed Worker Program.

800 admissions will be there for the other economic categories such as live-in caregivers and others.

For family sponsorship, refugee and other immigration program around 10200 immigrants will be invited.

Quebec Selection Certificate Target 2021

According to the Canada- Quebec Accord, Quebec can invite all economic class immigrants and some refugees to the province through the ‘Quebec Selection Certificate’ or CSQ, and then the selected immigrants can apply to the Canada’s federal government for permanent residence visa.  

The Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is a document issued by Quebec Immigration authorities indicating that the person designated on the certificate has been selected to reside within the territory of the Province of Quebec. The CSQ is not a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa and cannot be utilized for entry into Canada. It is just a selection or an invite given to the applicant to apply for Permanent Residency.

If the prospective immigrant can file an application for a Quebec Selection Certificate in accordance with the rules, if all required documents are included in your application and if it is eligible for priority processing. An application is eligible for priority processing if:

  • Either you or your spouse have received a job offer from an employer in Quebec and it meets the validation conditions of the MICC, or
  • Either you or your spouse hold a diploma from a teaching institution in an area of training that allows you to get 12 or 16 points under the training criterion of the selection grid for skilled workers. The number of years of studying required to obtain your diploma must at least be equal to the number of years required to obtain the same diploma in Quebec and the diploma must have been awarded in the last five years. Otherwise, you must have worked, on a full time basis, in a profession directly related to the diploma for at least one year during the last five years.

An acknowledgment of receipt is sent to you in order to confirm reception of a complete Quebec Certificate of Selection  application and will indicate if your application will be prioritized. The file will be returned to you if your application cannot be considered.

The target for Quebec’s selection certificate for the year 2021 is 26500 to 31200.

The selection certificate targets are as follows:

  • Skilled workers: between 19,400 and 22,400;
  • Business immigrants: between 1,500 and 2,300;
  • Other economic immigrants: between 400 and 600;
  • Refugees selected abroad: between 4,400 and 4,700;
  • Other immigrants: between 800 and 1,200.

The targets set for 2021 include applications in process or waiting to be processed in Quebec and at the federal level. They also take into consideration the time it takes for candidates to complete all the immigration procedures.

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