Hong Kong Residents & Canadians in Hong Kong supported by Canada’s IRCC. Check out how?

Posted by in CIC News, on November 12, 2020

Today, 12th November’ 2020, the IRCC Minister announced a new immigration that will attract youth and students from Hong Kong to Canada through offering new open work permit and increasing their chances of becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident. This initiative works with the Immigration Level Plan 2021-2023. It has been designed to encourage and attract Hong Kong graduates with good work experience to choose Canada as their place of study, work and settle.

This announcement will support the commitment made by the Canadian Government to maintain the connections between Hong Kong and Canada in response to the Government of China’s imposition and implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong on June 30, 2020.

Additionally, a number of enhancements to the existing immigration program and increasing efforts to raise awareness of the options are being done, which will support the people from Hong Kong who are at present living in Canada and who wish to stay, or who wish to come to Canada as and when the COVID-19 travel restrictions will be lifted.

IRCC also reassures the Canadians and the Canadian Permanent Residents in Hong Kong to return to Canada at any time, and any documentation requirement will be expedited. Even the family members of the Canadian citizens or PR holders can travel to Canada, only if they can quarantine for 14 days in Canada as they arrive.

New Pathways to youth of Hong Kong:

There are an estimated 300,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong, which is one of the largest Canadian communities abroad. This community, along with the significant number of Canadians of Hong Kong descent in Canada, plays an important role in building vibrant bilateral relations

Therefore, recognizing the skills and the talent of many Hong Kong students and graduates, who can be an asset to the Canadian economy and workforce, IRCC has announced an initiative where in all eligible Hong Kong residents in Canada or abroad with recently completed post-secondary studies can apply for an Open Work Permit, which will be valid for up to three years.

By getting the Open Work Permit, the Jong Kong residents and young students can come and stay in Canada and gain good employment experience.

To follow this experience, a new pathway to permanent resident status for In-Canada Hong Kong residents meeting specific eligibility criteria is being created. However, this new pathway will come in force in 2021, and the requirement for this criteria included minimum language and education levels and at least one year of Canadian Work Experience.

The Canadian Government will also expedite the study permit applications for ones who want to study in Canada. There has already been some increase in the study permit applications by Hong Kong residents in 2020, and Canada plans to continue promoting this opportunity. IRCC declares that once these students complete their studies in Canada, they will have their own designated pathways for Permanent Residence.

Additional Measure:

The application processing fees for the Hong Kong Residents in Canada who want to renew their status or extend their status will be waived off.

Also, the Immigration Minister plans to continue supporting democracy and human rights to the people of Hong Kong living in Canada.

Canada focuses on accelerating their recovery, and it will continue to be the world’s top destination for talent, capital, and jobs.

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