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APPLY SOON, Limited Application for PGWP

Since January 27, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been accepting applications and Post- Graduate Work Permit holders who have seen their permits expire or their permits are about to expire.

IRCC estimates up to 52,000 PGWP holders may benefit from this policy. Candidates have until July 27, 2021 to submit an application for this new work permit.

Eligibility criteria includes:

  • possess a PGWP that expired on or after January 30, 2020, or a PGWP that will expire within 4 months of the date of your application
  • you were in Canada on January 27, 2021 when this policy took effect and remain in the country
  • you have valid temporary status in Canada, or have applied to restore your status, or will be applying to restore your status
  • you mention in your application you are applying for this new open work permit
  • you have a valid passport. IRCC encourages you to ensure your passport is valid for at least 18 months from the date your application is approved. If your passport expires in under 18 months, the open work permit you obtain will be for the corresponding length of time as your passport’s validity period.

Generally speaking, one can only get the PGWP once in their lifetime. This has meant that those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic may not currently be in a position to remain in Canada as immigrants due to the weaker labour market since they may have been laid off, struggled to secure work, or have seen their work hours cut.

This policy is part of Canada’s overall efforts to support high levels of immigration during and after the pandemic.

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