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9th September 2021- Canada had 815,800 job vacancies in June

Posted by in CIC News, on September 9, 2021

Statistics Canada’s latest job vacancy report suggests job openings were driven by the accommodation and food services sector. This past June, there was a spike in job openings in accommodation and food services in Canada. As restaurants started reopening in June, there were 129,100 vacant positions in accommodation and food services jobs, according to statistics […]

Breaking NEWS!!!!!!! Fully vaccinated tourists can now come to Canada Travellers need to have completed the full course of vaccination with an approved vaccine 14 days before entering Canada.

Posted by in CIC News, on September 7, 2021

Canada is now opening its borders to tourists who are fully vaccinated as of September 7, 2021. Travellers will need to have completed the full course of vaccination. They must also be vaccinated with a  Canada – approved vaccine. This means that travellers will need to have received two doses of either the Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna […]

August 27, 2021- Do I need to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation to enter Canada?

Posted by in CIC News, on August 27, 2021

Criminal Rehabilitation can ensure future travel to Canada without issues. Are you planning to come to Canada to immigrate, study, work, or simply visit?  Canada has strict rules for people with criminal records. These laws are designed to keep the country and Canadians safe.  Factors such as what the offense is, how long ago the sentence was completed, and how many convictions […]

Election 2021: Canada’s parties say about immigration

Posted by in CIC News, on August 26, 2021

All of Canada’s major parties are rooting for immigrants in the 2021 election campaign. Even amid the crisis in Afghanistan, where other countries are turning away refugees, Canada is committed to welcoming them. The Liberal party, which currently governs the country, promised to resettle 20,000 Afghan refugees and none of the other major party leaders […]