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Ontario opened the Employer job offer (Foreign Worker stream) today i.e. 21st October.

To be eligible under this stream, the candidates must have a current job offer and an Employer Form to apply under the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program).

And OINP expected a large number of applicants to access its system, and as expected the Employer Job Offer stream reached its limit for registration and the same is now closed till they notify again.

Job Offer and up-to-date Employer form required:

For filing the application under OINP, you should have a current offer of employment and a detailed employer form with specified start date of employment.

The Employer Form must be of the latest version and should have been completed and submitted today i.e. 21st October 2020. Submitting it earlier, would have lead to the return of the application.

When the applicants register successfully, they get 14 days to submit their application and can upload their employer form duly completed during this time. No extensions are given to this 14 day period by OINP.

The Section B of the ONIP’s Employer form has been updated. The section is Regulatory Compliance Information which mentions the compliance to the Ontario Employment Standards Act 2000 by the employer.

After the success of receiving a bulk of applications under this stream, OINP will initiate its Expression of Interest for the candidates in this stream from 2021.

You can fill submit your application in OINP through the e-Filing portal. However, it is advised to take help of the experts. Thus, contact us anytime to get your nomination under OINP and work and live in Ontario. We will provide complete support is the successful filing and nomination under this program.


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